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When it comes to health, good sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. Learn how a custom-fit, easy-to-use, and FDA-cleared oral appliance can improve both your symptoms and overall quality of life. 
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Oral appliance therapy

Revitalize your health through better sleep

Patients who use oral appliance therapy to treat their snoring and sleep apnea report feeling more rested and refreshed during the day, resulting in improved mood and a more positive outlook on life. Studies also show the therapy can lower the risk of health issues like heart attack, stroke, and depression. 
Dr. Guillaume Buiret
Head of Otolaryngology at Valence Hospital as quoted in the New York Times article, “For Sleep Apnea, a Mouth Guard May be a Good Alternative to CPAP”
[Oral appliance therapy] is easy to tolerate, effective and it costs a lot less than CPAP. Thirty to 40 percent of our patients can’t use CPAP, and these patients almost always find the dental appliance helpful. I would recommend it as a first-line treatment.
Oral appliance therapy

An effective alternative to traditional treatment methods

Many products on the market claim to treat snoring and sleep apnea, but symptom relief is limited and treatment drop off rates are high. For example, more than 65% of patients stop using their CPAP, according to a study published in the National Library of Medicine.¹

However, ignoring snoring and sleep apnea can have serious consequences. Breathing interruptions can leave people tired during the day, leading to a loss of productivity at work, moodiness, and depression. That’s where oral appliance therapy can help! 

¹Rotenberg, Brian W., Murariu, Dorian, Pang, Kenny P. Trends in CPAP adherence over twenty years of data collection: a flattened curve. J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2016; 45: 43.


Make an investment in your health today

Haven’t had success with traditional sleep apnea treatment or over-the-counter snore guards? Learn how working with a dentist to develop a custom-fit oral appliance can improve both your sleep and overall quality of life. 
Dentists who provide snoring and sleep apnea solutions

The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) is the only national non-profit professional society dedicated exclusively to the practice of dental sleep medicine. The AADSM represents thousands of dentists across the U.S. who are specially trained to provide snoring and sleep apnea solutions.